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Your First "Real" Job

Your first job out of college can be very stressful. The acquisition of new responsibilities, both work-related and not, is a daunting idea, and can be overwhelming in practice. There are ways, though, to make your first job go smoothly to help ease this stress.

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happy job

Happiest Work Fields of 2014

A study recently came out indicating the top happiest industries to work in. And while we all know that no job is all sunshine and rainbows, five industries have been indicated as having the most satisfied workers.

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Human Workplace

The Human Workplace

To a newcomer, the career world is a daunting, stress-inducing place.  Developing a resume, applying for positions, interviewing with companies can make anyone feel the pressure. At times this pressure can make a person feel less like an individual and more like a list of skills that various companies are trying to sort through.  For this reason the Human Workplace organization has made it its mission to “reinvent the workplace”.

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Blog for the Job

The ever-expanding world of technology opens up all sorts of opportunities when it comes to finding a job, including a potential to self-market. It is becoming more common for employers to google people before hiring them; which means it is essential that what they find will leave a good impression. One way to do this is by building a positive presence on the web through the development of a blog.

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Interview Responses - Answers vs. Stories

When being interviewed the idea is that you will be answering questions in order to attain a job. Since these answers determine your job outlook it is important to approach them as best you can. This is why storytelling is becoming an art in the job interview process.

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Olympic rings

For the Love of the Game

As we head into the final moments of the Sochi Winter Olympics, you may be surprised to find that many athletes are just breaking even when it comes to their finances. For these athletes, it becomes evident that they chose their career out of love for the sport- not for the pay.

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An Employers Perspective

This January I took a class that went to Chicago for a week and met with 15 - 20 different professionals. Here are some helpful tips from experienced employers about a variety of topics including:  what we can do now, job search advice, interview advice, and advice for new employees.


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Keep calm and succeed

Keep Calm and Succeed

“Keep Calm and Carry On”, this phrase, originally distributed to boost public morale in Britain during the Second World War, has become wildly popular today.  Through modification the motivational phrase has been adapted to work for a variety of areas.  It is no surprise then that this mentality should fit perfectly into the professional world with perhaps a slight adjustment; Keep Calm and Succeed!

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Beyond the Bubble - Real World Skills

Beyond the Bubble is a terrific set of workshops that Luther College is offering to help students better adapt to life after college, not only in the workplace, but in their homes as well.

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No More Procrastinating!

Not to make a generalization about all college students, but we are truly masters of procrastination. Constantly putting things off to get other things done. Preventing procrastination is easier than you would think. Tamara Powell, has some great advice in her article, ‘The Secrets to Staying Productive When You Have a Big Project’.

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