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5 Ways to Get Email Overload Under Control

In today's society we are continually sending out information through email.  Most of the information is important, but there is so much information being sent to us on a daily basis.  Thankfully, there are ways that you can get all of your emails under control.

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How To Kickstart Your Brand Online

Building a personal brand online is something that is crucial for our generation. An impressive resume can get you noticed, but it does not guarantee you the job--you need to have a well-rounded web presence as well.

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STAR Method

Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result/Resolution) method during interviews.

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The current federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour.

The Future of Minimum Wage

With May fast approaching as well as impending graduation for many college students, one of the main things on everyone’s mind is what the future may hold.  One worry that is generally tagged on to these thoughts is concerns about money. In addition to procuring a job following college, graduates will also be receiving wages. At the moment the state of wages in the US, specifically the minimum wage, is in a bit of a transition.  A change in the minimum wage would lead to factors that could affect the job market for recent graduates.

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Taking Risks with Upstart Companies

When seeking organizations to potentially work with after graduation, the first names that come to mind are probably well known and have been up and running for years. Yet, these may not always be the businesses to seek out if you are looking for a thrilling, nontraditional career path.

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Norse Athletics

Marketing Your Athletic Experience

It’s hard to not be involved on the Luther campus.  Many people are participating in extracurricular activities and are doing things that can be showcased on a resume.  Looking particularly at athletes, there are many ways to market your experience.  Along with the fun and excitement of participating in a sport there are many qualities and transferable skills that are developed when dedicating yourself to a sport.

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When is GPA most important?

GPA is the standard measure of how apt you are as a student, and helps to tell future schools or employers what kind of student or employee you might be. But how important is it really?

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Online Job Search Tool: O*Net

O*Net is an amazing resource for students wondering what jobs are out there and what knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to obtain that job.

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Quarter-life Crisis

Quarter-life Crisis

Quarter-life crisis, the point in a young adults life in which they are met with the task of deciding what to do with their life. The crisis aspect arises due to the importance of this task and the fear of failure. The problem with the term quarter-life crisis is that it is not a period of crisis but rather a necessary transition period into the real world.

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Best and Worst Company Reputations

When searching for a job one thing many of us consider is the reputation of the organization.  Is this a good way to decide where you want to work?   Most say it depends on how the reputation was earned.  Here are some major companies that rank at the extremes in the reputation game.

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