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SAC Diversity Performance: Heiruspecs

Date:Friday, September 2, 2011
Time:7:30 pm
Location:Dahl Centennial Union—Marty's

Heiruspecs (pronounced high-roo-spex) is a live rap/hip hop band based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specifically the Midway neighborhood. The band's name is based on a deliberate misspelling of haruspex.

The band is mostly known for their live performances. In contrast to many contemporary hip hop groups that use sampling and turntables, Heiruspecs emphasize a raw, live sound, their roots and local scene. They have also been known to do shows with Minnesota-local hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. They have a very upbeat sound and are typically on tour for at least half of the year. The group style has been compared to the live hip hop band The Roots.

Contact: SAC Diversity Committee, SAC Diversity Committee