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Gallery Exhibit: Sarah Smelser (prints)

This event takes place each day from February 24, 2014 to March 21, 2014.

Date:Monday, February 24, 2014
Location:Center for Faith and Life Gallery

"When asked about my work, I often say that it is about an abstract sensibility. This is an honest answer, but not a complete one. It is also about relationships, contrast, balance, and organizing space. I casually or perhaps coincidentally make reference to cartography, the body, cycles in nature, and mundane objects. I also allude to systems and structures that are both natural and man-made. More deliberately, I consider and depict conversations I have had, songs I hear, private jokes, anecdotes, and poems. Although these references are present in the work, either on the surface or deep down below, they do not inspire or initiate it. The work is generated by an urgent curiosity and is sustained by the excitement of discovery..." —Sarah Smelse

Visit the gallery to learn more about Smelser's work.

Contact: David Kamm, 563-387-1665

For more information, visit: