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Luther College Chips, Oct. 1, 1924

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In honor of Homecoming this past week we're delving into Chips editorials that are nearly 100 years old. The following text, "Opportunity," is from Volume 41, Issue number 12, dated Oct. 1, 1924, authored by J.W. Opheim, Luther class of 1925.

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Professor Char Kunkel with friend and mentor, George Thompson


The Antidote is Love

Recent tragedy resulting from gun violence inspired professor Char Kunkel and a mentor to develop a "pyramid of love", an illustration that shows how a more proactive model can help create and teach love, not hate.

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From "Revelations of Divine Love" by Julian of Norwich.

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In search of Julian

Learn how Professor Brooke Joyce's upcoming sabbatical project will focus on Julian of Norwich, and how her writings, theology, and legacy have made an impact on his life.

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Andy Hageman, Associate Professor of English

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Critic, Coder, Poet, Mind

Read about the new assignment Professor Andy Hageman is doing with students in his Science Fiction Film course and how he hopes it will exercise their capacities for poetic imagination and algorithmic coding.

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Char Kunkel, Luther College professor of sociology


Education is activ(ist)

In this article, Professor Char Kunkel explains how the best teachers help students see multiple ways of thinking and the consequences of various positions, decisions, and ideologies. From there, students are given a choice to decide who they want to be and the kind of world they want to live in.

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