Hotels, Motels, Inns and Bed-and-Breakfasts

Listed by city in order of proximity to Decorah; local chamber of commerce and visitor center contact information also included.

This list is compiled by Luther College, and the information is current to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. The listing of businesses here is intended only as an information source. No endorsement is intended, nor is criticism implied of those not included.

For more information, or if you have questions regarding this brochure, please contact the Alumni Office at (563) 387-1861 or (800) 225-8664.

Prospective students who are seniors in high school may opt to stay overnight on campus with current first-year students. Arrangements for overnight accommodations may be made through the Admissions Office at 800-4 LUTHER or 800-458-8437.

  • Decorah, Iowa

    Lodging options in and around Decorah, Iowa.
  • Calmar, Iowa

    Lodging options in Calmar, Iowa. 11 miles south of Decorah.
  • Spillville, Iowa

    Lodging options in Spillville, Iowa. 12 miles southwest of Decorah.
  • Ossian, Iowa

    Lodging options in Ossian, Iowa. 14 miles from Decorah.
  • Cresco, Iowa

    Lodging options in Cresco, Iowa. 20 miles west of Decorah.
  • Mabel, Minn.

    Lodging options in Mabel, Minnesota. 20 miles northeast of Decorah.
  • Waukon, Iowa

    Lodging options in Waukon, Iowa. 20 miles east of Decorah.
  • Protivin, Iowa

    Lodging options in Protivin, Iowa. 21 miles west of Decorah.
  • Harmony, Minn.

    Lodging options in Harmony, Minnesota. 23 miles north of Decorah.
  • Dorchester, Iowa

    Lodging options in Dorchester, Iowa. 25 miles northeast of Decorah.
  • Postville, Iowa

    Lodging options in Postville, Iowa. 25 miles southeast of Decorah.
  • West Union, Iowa

    Lodging options in West Union, Iowa. 28 miles south of Decorah.
  • Spring Grove, Minn.

    Lodging options in Spring Grove, Minnesota. 30 miles northeast of Decorah.
  • Waterville, Iowa

    Lodging options in Waterville, Iowa. 31 miles east of Decorah.
  • Preston, Minn.

    Lodging options in Preston, Minnesota. 33 miles north of Decorah.
  • Fayette, Iowa

    Lodging options in Fayette, Iowa. 33 miles south of Decorah.
  • Monona, Iowa

    Lodging options in Monona, Iowa. 34 miles southeast of Decorah.
  • Caledonia, Minn.

    Lodging options in Caledonia, Minnesota. 35 miles northeast of Decorah.
  • Clermont, Iowa

    Lodging options in Clermont, Iowa. 35 miles south of Decorah.
  • Harpers Ferry, Iowa

    Lodging options in Harpers Ferry, Iowa. 38 miles east of Decorah.
  • Lanesboro, Minn.

    Lodging options in Lanesboro, Minnesota. 38 miles north of Decorah.
  • Lansing, Iowa

    Lodging options in Lansing, Iowa. 38 miles east of Decorah.
  • New Hampton, Iowa

    Lodging options in New Hampton, Iowa. 38 miles southwest of Decorah.
  • Riceville, Iowa

    Lodging options in Riceville, Iowa. 42 miles west of Decorah.
  • Whalan, Minn.

    Lodging options in Whalan, Minnesota. 43 miles north of Decorah.
  • McGregor/Marquette, Iowa

    Lodging options in McGregor/Marquette, Iowa. 44 miles east of Decorah.
  • Prairie du Chien, Wis.

    Lodging options in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. 44 miles east of Decorah.
  • Other Housing Resources

    Other housing options in and near Decorah, Iowa. Various distances from Decorah.