Course Topics

CHIN 101, 102 Beginning Chinese I, II
This course offers an introduction to speaking, reading, listening to, and writing Chinese. Through the study of the language, the student will also gain an appreciation of Chinese culture and contemporary life.

CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese
A continuation of the study of Mandarin Chinese: grammar, writing, speaking, reading and listening comprehension. Speaking proficiency will be developed through active class participation. The use of authentic materials (video, music, texts) will enhance language skills and cultural knowledge.

CHIN 242 A Chinese Cinema & Chinese Modern
From the fall of the Clestial Empire to the rise of China's economy today, Chinese cinema has witnessed many social changes in the modern era. This course will focus on the interaction between Chinese cinema and the process of modernization. By examining how Chinese films dialogue with Hollywood, it will explore Chinese people's experiences of semi-colonial modernity, socialist modernity and postsocialist/global modernity. Students will watch select films made in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Along with reading and writing assignments, students will be required to do oral presentations.