Lutheran Writers Project

The Lutheran Writers Project—a home for writers and readers
influencing and influenced by Lutheran traditions . . .

One of the wonderful outgrowths of the Lutheran Festival of Writing 2007 was the founding of the Lutheran Writers Project. The Lutheran Writers Project provides resources and gathering opportunities for writers, readers, and institutions—including churches, schools, colleges, and churchwide organizations. Its official home is at Roanoke College, in Salem, Virginia.

The Project includes the Lutheran Readers Project, a resource for readers interested in literature addressing Lutheran culture, history, and faith. The Readers Project is a resource for and a bridge between Lutheran writers and readers. The Project's steering committee recommends new books to readers throughout the year and posts reader's guides and interviews with authors. The website lists the authors' upcoming tours and allows groups to schedule an author’s visit to communities, churches, and book clubs.

 Please visit the Lutheran Writers Project website.