Course Topics

HLTH 201 Foundations of Health Education
This is an introductory course for health majors. It provides students with the scope and practice of health educators historically, philosophically, theoretically, and ethically. Specifically, this course examines the roles and responsibilities of health educators and the settings where they are employed, professional ethics, selected theories, and future directions.

HLTH 233 Mental/Emotional Health: Stress Management
This course approaches stress management from a holistic perspective. Causes of stress, physical symptoms produced by stress, and modalities for dealing with stress are emphasized. Students will gain stress management knowledge, techniques, and responsible applications in daily lives.

HLTH 343 Health Education Content and Assessment
This course will provide health education majors with the knowledge and understanding required to develop quality K–12 health education programs. Coordinated school health education programs emphasizing comprehensive school health education will be examined. Health education majors will: 1) develop a conceptual understanding of health content and CDC risk behaviors; 2) acquire knowledge needed to select developmentally appropriate health education content in accordance with National Health Education Standards; and 3) develop knowledge of assessment, evaluation, and grading procedures appropriate for the content presented.

HLTH 344 Health Education Methods
This course provides the knowledge and methods needed to implement K–12 comprehensive school health education at appropriate grade levels. Health education majors will learn about, and demonstrate, various teaching techniques, class behavior management strategies, and methods to deliver health content. Developing age-appropriate health curricula; organizing, designing, and implementing course unit and lessons plans; and evaluating cognitive knowledge of health content will be emphasized.

PE 110 Skills Classes
Activities available may include: aerobics, archery, badminton, basketball, biking, bowling, conditioning, cross-country skiing, fly fishing, golf, individual and dual sports, orienteering, personal fitness and wellness, pickleball, pilates, racquet sports, racquetball, scuba diving, social dance, swimming (including lifeguarding and W.S.I.), team sports, tennis, volleyball, weight training, and yoga.

HLTH 352 Consumer Health and Safety Education
Instruction in factors involved in the selection and evaluation of health services and products. Consumer laws and organizations will also be examined. An overview of approaches to safety education and injury reduction will be addressed.

PE 248 Foundations of Sport Psychology
This course examines psychological theories and research related to sport and exercise behavior. The course is designed to introduce students to the field of sport and exercise psychology by providing a broad overview of the major topics in the discipline