Meet Tia Stenson '16

Tia Stenson works hard to help preserve and catalog the artifacts found in the Anthropology Lab.

Position: Anthropology Lab Assistant

Majors: Anthropology, Dance

When working, Tia inventories the historical archaeology collection. She makes it more accessible by preparing the information for the online anthropology database. When she's not cataloging items, she creates boxes to house new acquisitions.

How did you get the job?

The spring of my sophomore year, I filled out an application to work in the Anthropology Lab. I started the next school year.

What have you learned about yourself in this role?

I enjoy figuring out what past people in my position did with the collections I inventory. Also, crafting skills have come in handy when creating boxes for new objects. I never thought that sewing and hot gluing would come in handy in a work environment.

What has the job taught you?

I have gained skills in being able to identify and classify objects in a systematic way. My job has also taught me how to use Collective Access, a database used to record objects in a collection.

How do you see your work-study experience affecting your future?

I plan to enter a museum field career and be a collections manager who takes care of the objects in the museum. The lab gives me experience needed for my career goals. This includes managing and organizing collections as well as learning how to house the various objects.

What type of person do you feel is best suited for your type of work-study position?

The most important characteristic needed to work in the lab are organization and patience. The work performed helps preserve the knowledge of objects in the collection. Organization ensures that people in the future can understand past work and gain insight from an object's information. Patience is also key because complicated tasks need a lot of time to finish.

What do you like best about the position?

Everything. The community in the lab is amazing, and I have often said that the Anthropology Lab is my happy place. Work is a huge stress reliever to me. If I could work in an environment like this in the future, I would love every day.