Meet Sara Ranscht '16

Sara Ranscht works as a Campus Programming Student Assistant as her work study.

Major: Music

Work-Study Job: Campus Programming Student Assistant

If you’ve heard about or attended an event on Luther’s campus, you’ve probably experienced some of Sara’s work.

As a student assistant in the Campus Programming office, Sara promotes and prepares for Center Stage Series, Distinguished Lectures, and other Luther-related events. She also manages the department’s Facebook page, serves as a liaison between the director and the other student workers, and helps with other duties related to campus events.

How did you get the job?

After working in another work-study position, I found I wanted a position that more closely connected with my interests. I’ve been around the arts and programming my entire life and wanted to be involved in that at Luther. I applied with a resume and cover letter and had an interview in the spring of my first year.

What have you learned about yourself in this role?

I’ve learned that I enjoy being busy. Of course there is a limit, but as my responsibilities increase, so does my productivity.

What has the job taught you?

I’ve learned what it really takes to organize and facilitate Luther’s events. I’ve been on the inside of designing a season of performances for the Center Stage Series, planned extensive on-campus and Facebook advertising campaigns, and I have seen many people working together to pull off each concert, lecture, and workshop. I’ve gained an appreciation for the process of hosting events and the communication, organization, and flexibility that are part of the process.

Has anything interesting happened while working in this position?

One of my favorite duties is making Walmart runs when we need something around the Center for Faith and Life. This past December we realized that we didn’t have nearly enough lights for the big Christmas tree in the lobby, so I was sent to purchase 12 giant rolls of white lights. When you see that tree up next year, think of me pushing a cart overflowing with Christmas lights out of Walmart.

What do you like best about your work study?

It’s extremely rewarding for me to see that the work I do influences campus and connections people make with our performances and one another.