Meet Rachel Fyfe '16

Rachel Fyfe at the Luther College tutoring center

Position: French tutor

Majors: Elementary Education, French

Rachel’s primary duty in the Language Learning Center (LLC) is to tutor any student who needs help with French. She also checks out movies and technology to students and professors.

How did you get the job?

I applied to be a tutor in the LLC. I filled out an application explaining my background in French and why I was interested in tutoring. The French faculty then recommended me for my position.

What have you learned about yourself in this role?

Being a French tutor has taught me that I have a passion for helping others learn. Even though I was already an education major before I started working in the LLC, working as a tutor has confirmed that education is the right path for me.

What new ideas or experiences have you encountered in your work study position?

Tutoring has given me deeper appreciation for the complexity of languages. Working with new students and explaining concepts to them has given me the chance to understand the language in a way that I never had to while I was just studying French. Also, being in the LLC while other languages are being tutored has helped me compare and contrast them with French.

How do you see your work-study experience influencing your future?

As a future educator, my work study position has given me a deeper knowledge of how to teach different students. It’s given me a broader background in teaching strategies to use with students to help them understand concepts without just handing them the answer.

Has anything crazy happened while working in this position?

We have a large Nutcracker in the LLC. Once when I was sitting in there by myself, the Nutcracker (which was on the other side of the room), just fell over. I was so startled!

What type of person do you feel is suited best for your type of work study position?

Being a tutor is a great job for people who love helping others and want to help them achieve an understanding of their learning. This job is perfect for that.

What do you like best about the position?

One of my favorite things about working in the LLC is the interactions I have with the people I encounter, whether it’s the students I tutor, other tutors, my work study supervisor, or anybody else. Some have even become my good friends!