Meet Pedro Da Costa Cadalak '16

Pedro Da Costa Cadalak '16

Major: Art

Work Study Position: Costume Shop Stitcher

If you attend one of Luther’s theatre productions, you’ll most likely see Pedro’s work. His primary responsibility includes making costumes for the theatre department as well as accessories and props.

How did you get the job?

I was advised to talk to the head of the Visual and Performing Arts department and costume designer since I expressed a strong interest in working with fabrics and costume production. I was able to start the position right away.

What new skills have you developed in this position?

I had no experience with sewing but the job has allowed me to master this new skill. I’ve learned a great deal about the detail of creating costumes, including differences in fabrics, pattern making, and measurements. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to make and repair my own clothes.

Has anything crazy happened while you’ve been on the job?

I once had to create four costumes out of recycled materials within 24 hours for a show. It was like Project Runway, less grand but more fun and rewarding.

How will this work study position affect your future?

My job is giving me the knowledge and experience I need to further my education. I’m planning to attend graduate school for fashion design and having these basic skills will help me with the next step in my career.

What kind of person is best suited for this job?

They must be willing to challenge themselves and be open to new opportunities.

What do you like best about the job?

I would say it’s the people I work with. My work is very technical but the theatre never has a dull moment. We have new stories to share everyday and the people I connect and interact with inspire me in ways that I didn’t expect.