Meet Maria Martins da Silva ‘15

Maria Da Silva works as a photographer for the Photo Bureau as her work study.

Majors: Environmental Studies, Economics

Work-Study Position: Photographer at Photo Bureau

Name any major event that has taken place on the Luther campus in the last year and you can be assured that Maria has attended each one of them, in some capacity, over the past four years during her time as a photographer for Luther’s Photo Bureau.

What is your primary responsibility?

I take pictures of major events at Luther.

What have you learned about yourself in this role?

I’ve gained some great experience and knowledge by working with the staff of the Visual Media department. Furthermore, I’ve learned to be critical in choosing the pictures that I take.

Have you learned any new skills on the job?

When I first came to Photo Bureau I had no knowledge in Photoshop and all I knew was how to take a decent picture, without thinking of editing them. Since then, I have grasped some basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Has anything surprised you about the position?

I used to think that working in general would be stressful and boring. But up until this point I have never found the job boring (and I tend to get bored easily).

How will your work-study experience affect your future?

I used to think that photography was just a hobby. I’ve found that it has greatly affected my present and future decisions.

Just recently, I completed a small photography exhibition which focuses on a depiction of a culture through “People and Nature” from my hometown. The aim of the exhibition was to introduce as well as portray a lesser-known country like my hometown. Photography plays a great role in this exhibition because without it the show would not be possible. The success of the show has further motivated me to open up a photography business after I graduate. I am very much looking forward to that!

What type of person is suited best for your work-study position?

The best person must be willing to take an assignment anytime and be ready for any type of event. I’ve learned that it’s not only the talent we need, but our willingness to take on the challenges of the different events that occur on this campus.