Meet Makayla Marinack '16

Makayla Marinack top image

Position: Religion Department Student Worker

Major: Religion

Some of Makayla’s main tasks at her work study job include making scans and copies, recording class attendance, delivering mail and library books, and helping with research. She also puts up posters around campus to advertise religion department events and updates the Facebook page.

How did you get the job?

As a first-year student, I got to know my religion professors through classes and department social gatherings. One of them asked if I would be interested in working for the department and recommended me to the work study supervisor for the area. I started the position during the fall semester of my sophomore year.

What have you learned about yourself in this role?

I’ve learned that I enjoy office work and getting to know the professors and their research. I appreciate that my work helps them and ultimately furthers scholarship and learning.

What has the job taught you?

I’ve gained more knowledge in my area of study by helping with research and reading some of the works I scan. I’ve also learned how to manage social media and share and communicate professionally through email Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive.

Has anything surprising happened in your work study position?

Last year when I was making some copies for one of the professors I was telling her about my J-Term experience. This conversation led to an offer to be her collaborative research assistant this year. It was a pleasant surprise to have one job lead to another.

How do you see your work study experience influencing your future?

The office skills will help in my professional career and the research experience will continue to benefit me as a student. Plus, the relationships and wisdom from professors will help me continue to seek learning opportunities and gain new perspectives.

What type of person do you feel is suited best for your type of work study position?

This position is a good fit for someone who is willing to help when approached and enjoys office work.

What do you like best about the position?

What I like most about my job is learning from all the different perspectives in the religion department through conversations we have and the lectures we host.