Meet Elyssa Eull '15

For her work study, Elyssa Eull works in the Writing Center as a Writing Tutor.

Majors: Biology, International Studies

Work Study Position: Writing Tutor at the Writing Center

As a writing tutor, Elyssa helps other Luther students write essays, research papers, lab reports, and other assignments. She helps at any point in the writing process. She assists with formulating ideas, writing an outline, revising a draft, or putting together a bibliography.

How did you get the job?

I was nominated by my Paideia professor my first year at Luther to be a tutor. Applying for the job consisted of an interview with an English professor and a submission of an essay that was a good representation of my writing.

What have you learned from the job?

I’ve learned how to better articulate my observations, ideas, and suggestions when helping students with their writing.  

Has anything surprised you about the position?

I was surprised to find out that Luther alumni occasionally come to the writing center to seek help on things such as essays for graduate school applications. I’ve tutored a few graduates myself. It’s cool to see that alumni are still welcome to utilize the resources Luther provides for its students.

How will this work-study experience affect your future?

I’m an adamant believer in the theory that teaching is the best way to learn. I think that tutoring has helped me to fine tune my own writing skills, which I benefit from now and hope to utilize in the future. I really enjoy writing and would like to work toward getting a paper published some day.

What do you like best about the position?

I like that students come to the writing center from a wide array of departments with different perspectives. That way I get to learn a little bit more about different areas of study and how the students articulate what they have learned or observed of the world.