Meet Parker Beard '17

Parker Beard at his work study position in Luther dining services.

Majors: Environmental Studies and Business

Work Study Jobs: Garden Crew and Cafeteria to Community Program

If you've eaten in the cafeteria, you've probably tasted Parker's work. As a part of garden crew, he weeds, waters, plants, harvests, and delivers produce to dining services. He recently helped build Luther's new high tunnel (greenhouse). This new tunnel will extend the work season to allow gardening later in the fall and earlier in the spring.

With his Cafeteria to Community work study, Parker packages leftover food from the cafeteria into containers, freezes them, and delivers the meals to a local food pantry.

What have you learned from the job and about yourself?

I've learned how to work well with others and how to coordinate/organize groups of volunteers for Cafeteria to Community. Active work with my hands and with other people is something I am very passionate about and will continue to pursue for the rest of my life.

How do you see your work study affecting your future?

My experience has given me a joy and passion for growing food and feeding others, which I think will be an important part of my future.

What type of person do you feel is best suited for your positions?

Both of my jobs are very active, hands-on, and demanding, so people who enjoy hard work, don't care about getting dirty, and have an interest in food would be a great fit for either or both jobs.

What do you like best about your work study?

In the garden, I most enjoy working outside and burning off pent-up energy after sitting in class. In the kitchen, I like interacting with the staff and chefs, and getting to know the people who work hard behind the scenes. I also love delivering food to the food pantry because the people are so excited and appreciative of the food that would otherwise go to waste at Luther.