Meet Onward Mahachi '18

Learn about Onward Mahachi's experience working for SASC

Work Study Positions: Cafeteria Student Manager, SASC (Student Academic Support Center) Tutor, Math Department Grader

Majors:  Mathematics, Computer Science

In the cafeteria, Onward helps other student workers with food preparation, makes sure the workplace is safe, and verifies students eating in the cafeteria are getting good service. In SASC, he tutors students who have difficulties or questions about their calculus classes. In the math department, Onward assist professors with grading assignments for their classes.

How did you get the jobs?

For the tutoring and grading positions, professors from my previous math courses recommended that I apply. I worked in the cafeteria as a first-year student and decided to apply for the student manager position.

What have you learned about yourself in these roles?

I’ve discovered that I’m pretty good at tutoring math, something I didn’t know before. I’ve also learned that I work well with other students.

What have your jobs taught you?

All three require me to be well organized and prepared. This means my time-management skills are being sharpened on daily basis. The tutoring and student manager positions have helped improve my communication skills.

How do you see your work study experience affecting your future?

I get to work with people at various different levels, from students to professors. This enriches my interactions and prepares me for my future career. I’m also gaining time-management skills, which I feel are priceless.

Has anything surprising/crazy happened while working in this position?

There are a lot of funny moments. For example, one student wrote on his answer sheet that I  should listen to Adele’s new song.

What type of person do you feel is suited best for your type of work study positions?

All three of my work study positions require a person who is well organized and good at time management. For example, when grading assignments you have to make sure that your schedule fits perfectly with the professors’ since any deviations will be problematic. In the cafeteria student manager position, you have to be very organized to get everything done efficiently and on time.

What do you like best about the position?

I enjoy working with students and professors and I like to do a lot of math.