Meet Aubree Tsurusaki '17

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Work-Study Positions: College Ministries Outreach and Publicity Assistant
Major: Elementary Education

As an outreach assistant for College Ministries, Aubree Tsurusaki manages logistical details of youth events and worship services led by Luther’s Outreach teams. This includes arranging transportation and communicating with area churches to book these outings.

As a publicity assistant, Aubree creates and distributes promotional material for College Ministries events. She also maintains the College Ministries bulletin board found in the Union and aids the office staff as needed.

How did you get the positions?

I saw that College Ministries was hiring by looking at their website and I applied for the outreach assistant position at the end of my first year. I interviewed with a campus pastor and the current administrative assistant before being offered the job. A year later, I took on the publicity position after working with the previous assistant to learn the ropes.

What have you learned in these positions?

My responsibilities have helped me further develop professional communication skills, which involves attention to detail, effective listening, and prompt responses. I’ve mastered various computer programs while learning to make creative and effective advertisements. I’ve gained an appreciation for my planning and organizational skills, and I’ve developed patience and flexibility as I manage the complexity of working with others.

As a future educator, I know that effective communication and collaboration are essential skills for myself and for my students; I hope to be a role model for my students in that regard. Not to mention I’m excited to use my bulletin board-making skills to design my future classroom!

What type of person do you feel is best-suited for your work-study position?

It definitely helps to be organized to work in this position! I think someone who is flexible, motivated, and has good communication skills would also be a good fit. Being creative helps, too, because we want to make our advertisements stand out among the many others on campus!

What do you like best about the job?

I have really enjoyed getting to know the College Ministries staff over the past two years. It's fun to be able to work closely with them and also to get a glimpse into all of the work that goes into every College Ministries event on campus. I often get to do "odd jobs" in the office when I'm not working on outreach or publicity, and I enjoy being able to assist the pastors and other staff in so many different ways. I feel valued and appreciated.

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