Alex Dallman '14

Alex Dallman '14

Occupation: IT Developer, Fastenal Company

Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics/Statistics

What were your work-study position and primary work-study duties?

I worked in the Web Content and Marketing departments. In that role, I evaluated ad platform efficiency using analytical data and generated monthly reports on our ad success. On our Google AdWords platform, I adjusted search-term spending in accordance with the traffic quality we were seeing.

What did you learn in this role?

I learned how to market strategically and think critically about numbers. When we began using AdWords, we were one of the first post-secondary education advertisers in the area. As time went on and others entered the market, we had to be smarter with our resources to still get the same quality traffic out of our advertising dollars, which posed a new challenge.

What new skills did you learn?

I learned a wide variety of skills from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the ins and outs of marketing metrics, how to be concise with text, and how to put myself in the shoes of my target audience.

How did your work-study experience affect your life after Luther?

It taught me how to collaborate and work together toward a goal. It also made me feel well-connected with all departments because we had to make an effort to combine their goals with our ads.

What did you like best about the position?

More than anything, it was fantastic to be able to advertise for something I was truly passionate about: the Luther experience.