Alumni Stories

See what recent alumni have to say about their work-study experience at Luther.

Emily Holm '16

Occupation: Assistant Product Marketer, Fortress Press

    Major: Religion

    Contributes to Book During Work Study
    While a student, Emily worked as an assistant to one of her professors in the Religion Department, who was writing a book on Islamophobia. “I proofread chapters of his manuscript and collected some images for a photo gallery. I thought it was so cool that I got to help make a real book,” she says. “When it was published, I was excited and proud, not just because my name was printed in the acknowledgements, but because I felt like I had made a small contribution to an issue that mattered to me. I was peacemaking through book-making! Now I get to do that for a living.”

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    Alex Dallman '14

    Occupation: IT Developer, Fastenal Company

      Majors: Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science

      What Did You Learn in Your Work-Study Role?
      "As part of the Web Content and Marketing teams, I learned how to market strategically and think critically about numbers. When we began using AdWords, we were one of the first post-secondary education advertisers in the area," says Alex. "As time went on and others entered the market, we had to be smarter with our resources to still get the same quality traffic out of our advertising dollars, which posed a new challenge."

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      Matt Yan '14

      Occupation: Assistant Editor, The Glenview Lantern and The Northbrook Towers Newspapers

        Major: English

        Valuable Skills Learned Through Work Study
        As a student, Matt served as staff editor, sports editor, and editor of Luther Chips. “My work there really helped me learn the technical aspects of writing that I apply to my current job,” he says, “It also required me to work hard and focus since I needed to manage my homework at the same time.”

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        Jamie Stallman '14

        Jamie Stallman '14

          Occupation: Master's Program Student, Union Theological Seminary

          Majors: Biology, Religion

          Work Study Provides Challenges, Learning Opportunities, and First Career Step
          Working closely with religion professor, Jim Martin-Schramm, Jamie describes his work-study position as an academic administrative assistant as "both challenging and affirming." He assisted Martin-Schramm with writing a book on Earth ethics. "I got an inside glimpse of the effort that is needed to publish a book, while also teaching, grading, meeting with students, and being involved in the community," Jamie says.

          Additionally, Jamie worked as a project manager in the Center for Sustainable Communities for four years. He gained web and marketing skills and also learned the importance of time management. He recalls it as "one of the most formative experiences" for him at Luther, especially because it led to a full-tme job with the CSC as the Energy and Wast Fellow after Jamie graduated.

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          Emily Voss '13

          Occupation: Photographer and Owner, VOSStudies

            Majors: Art and Spanish

            Learns to Promote Luther
            As a student, Emily was part of Luther’s Photo Bureau team. Photo Bureau produces thousands of images each year that are used in a number of on-campus publications, national magazines, and collegiate advertising/marketing material.

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            Sarah Carnes '08

            Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, 9 Clouds

              Majors: Communications Studies, Business Management

              Work-Study Provides Relevant Experience
              “One person who had a big impact on my life at Luther was my work-study supervisor at the public information office,” Sarah says. “He taught me how to take criticism in a good way, always challenged me, made me realize what I was capable of, and let me know that I might do well with a career in public relations and communications. He’s still a mentor for me to this day.”

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              Rachel (Bails) Jeffrey '06

              Occupation: Middle School Teacher, Skyview Middle School

                Major: History (secondary education minor)

                Impactful Work-Study Experience
                “As a student, I worked for the Photo Bureau and had a fantastic boss,” says Rachel. “He pushed me to be a better photojournalist, which continues to be a hobby of mine. It also allowed me to document what was happening on campus through concerts, group photos, sporting events, and more. It was really a great way to encounter all of those activities.”

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                Megan Clark '05

                Megan Clark '05

                  Occupation: School Programs Coordinator, Chicago History Museum

                  Majors: Anthropology

                  Work Study Relevant to Career
                  Since Megan knew she wanted to major in anthropology and focus on archaeology, she was able to get a job in the anthropology lab as soon as she arrived at Luther. “In some ways, I began my museum career during that first shift in the lab,” she says. “When I interviewed for my master’s degree program, I talked about that experience, and the professor was floored that I basically had four years of museum experience under my belt.”

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