Conference Papers and Presentations

Paper Presentation: “Hygiene and Mothercraft Instruction in Early Twentieth Century Hawai’i: Redefining Class and Race” Organization of American Historians Conference April 2006.

Panel Commenter: “Public Health in Twentieth Century America” Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha NB, March 2004.

Paper Presentation: “Dock and Stewart’s A Short History of Nursing and a Feminist Nursing Ethic. National Women’s Studies Association, June 1998.

Panel Moderator: “Navigating the Liberal Arts Mainstream: Integrating Women into the General Requirements at Luther College,” National Women’s Studies Association Meeting, St. Louis, Summer 1997.

Paper Presentation: “The Staying Power of a Little Known Novella: Ann Petry’s ‘In Darkness and Confusion,’” Association for Core Texts and Courses Third Annual Meeting, Spring 1997.

Paper Presentation: “Generations of Women and Women’s Studies at Luther College: A Collective Biography," with Mary Hull Mohr, National Women’s Studies Association Meeting, Skidmore College, Summer, 1996.

Guest Lecturer: “Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Women's Vote," Decorah Area Rotary, July 4, 1995; “U.S. Woman's Suffrage Movement,” Scandinavian Institute, July 1995; “Equality Day Celebration," American Association of University Women and Porter House Museum, Aug. 26, 1995; “Woman's Suffrage and Belva Lockwood's Presidential Candidacy,” St. Benedict's School, Sept. 20, 1995.

Moderator: Iowa Heritage Expo Session “Iowa Women in the Civil War,” June, 1994.

Photo Display: “Images of China,” with Carol Gilbertson, Mark Muggli, Uwe Rudolf, and Peter Scholl Luther College Feb. 1994.

Panel Discussion: “Academic Employment for Historians” Iowa College Teachers of History Conference, University of Northern Iowa, Oct. 1993.

Seminal Text Lecture: “China Today: Women's Path,” Luther College, Sept. 1993. Part of article about faculty seminar in China co-authored with Carol Gilbertson, Mark Muggli, Uwe Rudolf, and Peter Scholl.

NSF Faculty Development Conference—Grant Author and Co-Director: National Science Foundation Conference Grant—“Equity for Women and Minority Groups in Mathematics and Science,” Luther College, July, 1993.

Lecture: "'Yes Doctor!': Shifting Gender Roles and Doctor/Nurse Relations,” Mayo Foundation “Quest for Quality Conference,” Mayo Center for Nursing, Sept. 1992.

Paper Presentation: “Oral History and the Medical Ethic: Revealing and Concealing Nursing's Past,” Luther College Department of Nursing Sixth Annual Nursing Research Day, April 1992.

Panel Discussion: “Keeping Secrets, Telling Secrets: The Mayo Oral History of Nursing Project," Minnesota Historical Society Conference, “Conversations about Doing Women's History in Minnesota” March, 1992.

Keynote Speech: “The Role of Deference in Doctor-Nurse Relations in the Twentieth Century,” University of Northern Iowa Women's History Month, March 1992.

Keynote Speech: “The Art of Nursing: One Hundred Years of Caretaking,” Conference on “Dimensions of Caring in Medical and Surgical Nursing” sponsored by Albany Medical Center, Albany NY, April 1991.

Paper Presentation: “Oral History and Nursing History," Luther College Department of Nursing Fifth Annual Nursing Research Day, April 1991.

Paper Presentation: “Advice on Washing 'the Kids,'” Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha NB, March 1991.

Paper Presentation: “Godey's Lady's Book and Understanding Disease Incidence: A Content Analysis," Duquesne University History Forum, Pittsburgh PA, Oct. 25, 1990.

Lecture: “Bathing as Medicinal: Rationalization of Popular Practice,” Mayo Foundation for the History of Medicine, Rochester, MN, April 11, 1990.

Report co-author with Linda Detman and Janet Fulgenzi: “Report to the Bishop: Women of the Saginaw Diocese their views of Church and Society, A Quantitative Study,” 1987.

Paper Presentation: “Bathing Technology and Culture: An Historical Perspective,” Duquesne University History Forum, October 1985.

Paper Presentation “The Propriety of Bathing: Late Nineteenth-Century Attitudes Toward Bathing” at the Southeastern United States Nineteenth-Century Studies Association's Conference on Propriety, April 1984.