Formatting Removal

The following steps should only be followed if you're experiencing formatting issues with text. Submit a work request for additional assistance.

Text copied from other programs and pasted into Reason may result in formatting issues such as incorrect spacing and alignment. The removal of text formatting will result in the loss of bold or italicized words and phrases. Those styles can be added again after the plain text has been transferred into Reason.

HTML Editor Example
HTML Editor Example

Reason's built-in HTML editor (pictured to the right) can be used to remove formatting from problematic text. After copying the text you wish to paste into Reason, select the HTML editor toggle. The top icons will disappear from view. Next, paste your text into the content box. With the formatting automatically removed upon pasting, select all of the text again using control/command + A and then copy the selection by using control/command + C.

After the text without formatting has been copied, return to the normal content view by selecting again the HTML editor toggle that's now located on the left side of the menu. Lastly, paste your text into the normal content view and then proceed to add any bold or italicized styles that were removed in the process. Select either Save and Continue Editing or Save and Finish to complete the process.