Faculty Websites

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Required Pages and Content

While content on faculty websites is largely determined by the faculty member, certain pages and content are required by the Web Content team. The required pages and content include:

  • Course Topics page
  • Education page
  • Homepage contact information
  • Homepage professional portrait

Course Topics and Education pages are locked by default to ensure consistency across all faculty websites. Please submit a work request if a change is required on either page.

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Menu Order

The sorting of pages in the left menu should follow the standard order of faculty websites. The standard order of pages in the menu include:

  1. Homepage
  2. Course Topics
  3. Education
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Custom pages such as Research Interests and Published Articles
  6. Link to academic department website

Custom pages include any content that is created by faculty members and not considered to be required. By default, the last link(s) should direct users to the faculty member's associated department(s).

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Curriculum Vitae

We recommend that faculty members provide their curriculum vitae to the Web Content team for placement upon their website. Curricula vitae provide an avenue for website visitors to further explore the academic interests of faculty members ranging from their research to published articles and books.

Ultimately, it's the faculty member's decision to make available a curriculum vitae on their website. Faculty members that decide to have a curriculum vitae placed on their website can send a PDF version of the document to [email protected]. A web appropriate version of the curriculum vitae that doesn't contain personal details such as home address and phone is recommended.

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Contact Information

By default, each faculty website homepage includes a section that lists standard contact information including name, title, office location, office phone number, and email address. Each of the contact information fields are automatically updated with information from the directory.

Faculty members should contact Human Resources if a change is required with any of the contact information fields. Once Human Resources makes the change, the information on the website will update automatically.

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