Credit Card and PayPal Payments Using Reason Forms

Please follow this process to request a new web form that accepts credit card/PayPal payments or request updates to an existing credit card/PayPal form.

  1. Download the e-commerce policy and application form.
  2. Fill out the form and send to Renee Lillibridge in the Office for Financial Services (OFS).
  3. OFS reviews request and approves or declines.
  4. OFS creates a web content request through and copies requestor.
  5. Web Content team reviews request and allocates to appropriate team member.
  6. Designated team member completes the request.
  7. Requester tests the new/updated web form and indicates acceptance.
  8. Designated team member makes the web form live and closes the web content request.

Keep in Mind

  • Please allow at least two weeks lead time for new forms.
  • Please allow at least one week lead time for updates to an existing form.
  • Requester is responsible for turning form off when the form is no longer needed. The Web Content team can help with this.