Bethel Erickson '07, October 21-22, 2010

Originally hailing from the mono-cropped farmlands of the Midwest, Bethel Erickson now resides in Waco, Texas as a self-proclaimed agrarian social worker for the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition. Since Luther, Erickson has since worn many hats as a counselor for ex-offenders on the South Side of Chicago, as a homeless outreach worker in Delaware, and eventually as a farmer at a lovely place called the World Hunger Relief Farm in Waco. A "mother" to many animals, she enjoys communing at potlucks, playing Scrabble, and swapping stories with grandmas and anarchists—all at the same time.


Thursday, October 21
10:30 a.m. Speak in Daily Chapel, CFL Main Hall
Classroom visits
Dinner with Global Concerns students

Friday, October 22
Lunch with students
Classroom visits
Dinner with LEFSE students from Sustainability House

Presented by the Center for Ethics and Public Life and the Social Work Department in collaboration with the Sense of Vocation Program.