Jon '63 and Eileen '67 Summers—April 12-16, 2010

Jon Summers
Jon Summers

Jon Summers is The Asia Foundation's regional Representative-at-Large. Dr. Summers joined the Foundation in 1979, serving as country representative for Malaysia and Singapore, and conducting preparatory work for Foundation programming in Brunei.

He then served as the director of the Foundation's Asian-American Exchange program in San Francisco. He subsequently served as country representative for the following countries:

  • Bangladesh and Nepal from 1987-91
  • Indonesia from 1991-96
  • Cambodia from 1996-2002
  • Afghanistan from 2002-07
  • Pakistan from 2007-09
Eileen Summers
Eileen Summers

Prior to joining the Foundation, he was executive director of the Afghan-American Educational Commission, responsible for administering the Fulbright program in Afghanistan, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, teaching English at Kabul University.

Eileen Summers is a licensed clinical social worker who has practiced privately in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Her work focuses on the international community, providing services for marital and relationships problems, stress, depression, anxiety, managing critical incidents, trauma, loss, conflict, and anger management and cross-cultural adaptation.

Presented in collaboration with the Center for Ethics and Public Life.

Thursday, April 15, Public Lecture by Jon Summers "Afghanistan-the Limits of Power" 7:00 p.m., Valders Hall of Science, Room 206
Classroom visits in political science, social work, psychology departments