Tammy Petro—September 13-16, 2009

Tammy Petro has a wide range of expertise from engineering to psychology to design. She has guided the innovation process, provided strategic project management, and designed services and graphics that positively impact the daily lives of thousands of people. She has worked on projects for EA Games, National Security Agency and Reuters and inspires students and companies to creatively generate new ideas that balance long term goals with short term needs. "Some people call it sustainability," states Ms. Petro, "but I like to think of it as more than a buzzword. I devote my time to teaching and designing responsibly, and have found that personal meaning and money can both come from work."

Her work with the Hippo Project is an example of design and ethical dedication to her work. She designed round water jugs that transport water in South Africa easily over long distances. She is a person using her artistic talents to impact the world positively.


September 8-16

Art Exhibit “Meeting Tammy Petro”, Gregerson Gallery, CFA

Tuesday, September 15

3:10 p.m.: Presentation on Sustainable Design, Decorah High School Art Room

7:00 p.m.: Public lecture “Future Perfect, Sustainability In Art and Design”, Olin 102

Meetings with art students and classroom visits in the Art and Anthropology departments.