Marilyn Miller—April 14-18, 2008

Marilyn Miller is the executive director of the Lutheran Human Relations Association in Milwaukee, WI. She is an educator who served for almost 25 years in settings of higher education. Alongside this work, she has spent about 15 years facilitating cross cultural, anti-racism, and human relations work.

Marilyn is a lifelong member of the Greater Milwaukee community. She currently serves on the ELCA’s Evangelical Outreach for Congregational Ministries Program Committee, the Executive Committee for the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, the Greater Milwaukee Synod's Anti-Racism Team, as a member of the Board for Frieden's Community Ministries Inc., and as an Advisory Committee Member of the Concordia University Social Work Program. In addition to serving in her congregation, she works with other local, statewide and national organizations. Marilyn is currently in the application process to attend seminary. 

In 1953, the concern over racism in the church and society prompted members of the Synodical Conference and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) to form the Lutheran Human Relations Association of America (LHRA). The organization soon included members from other Lutheran bodies. Today, LHRA members belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and other ecumenical congregations/organizations. Its mission is bridging the racial, cultural, gender, age, ability, class and other separations in society; and building up the human community.

LHRA is committed to bringing people together to change hearts and build up the body of Christ in the midst of a divided world. We especially help people examine the personal and cultural mindsets that we are locked into which keep us from analyzing and working to change our institutions. LHRA is national and beyond in scope, pan-Lutheran, ecumenical and seeking interfaith acceptance and understanding for all.


Monday, April 14
10:30 a.m.: CFL, speak in Daily Chapel
Thursday, April 17
3:00 p.m. Book Discussion on Strangers to Ourselves, Qualley Lounge, CFL

Classroom visits in the Social Work and Anthropology departments