Trygve Wyller—October 3-6, 2006

Professor Trygve Wyller holds the Ph. D. in Theology and is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Oslo, Norway. He is currently one of the best known exponents of a Theology of Diaconia that is concerned not only with assistance to those less fortunate, but one that redefines power relations and agency in light of the contemporary role of the State.

His Norwegian background and overall exposure to contemporary discussions on citizenship and rights allows him to establish a bridge between the Christian notion of Diaconia as service and public witness. He brings the discussion of the social role of the church into framework of modernity by posing the question: in light of contemporary notions of citizenship, what role does the church play in issues of social work, health, education?

About Dr. Wyller:

  • Doctoral work in Systematic Theology, focusing especially on the discussion of the relationship between modern autonomy and Christian belief.
  • Professor of Theology (Systematic Theology and Diaconal Studies) at the University of Oslo.
  • Professor II at the College of Diakonia and Nursing at Lovisenberg School of Nursing, Oslo since 1998
  • Editor of Norsk teologisk tidsskrift 1993-2003
  • Opponent at doctoral disputations in theology at the universities of Lund, Århus Trondheim; Sao Leopoldo, Brazil and Oslo.
  • Vice Dean at the Faculty of Theology 2003
  • Member of the National Board for Ethics in the Media 2004

Wednesday, October 4
7:00 p.m.: Olin 102 Public lecture: Heterotopic Diaconia: the Challenge of Otherness and the Impact for Christian Social Work

Thursday, October 5
10:30 a.m.: CFL, Speak in Daily Chapel
Class visits.