Sarah Tofte—February 19-23, 2007

Sarah Tofte is the criminal justice researcher for the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch in New York, New York. She has worked for Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Minnesota AIDS Project, and the Institute on Race and Poverty.  She graduated from Luther College in 1999, and from the University of Minnesota School of Law in 2002.Ms. Tofte is currently an M. Divinity candidate at the Union Theological Seminary.

In May 2006, she was selected for Luther’s Young Alumnus award.


Tuesday, February 20
7 p.m.: CRH, Public Lecture, "Jesus on Death Row:  A Theology for the Abolishment of the Death Penalty”

Thursday, February 22
9:50 a.m.: CFL Lobby, Public reception

10:30 a.m.: CFL Main Hall, Speak at Daily Chapel

6:00 p.m.: Mott Room, Meet with DIAKONOS students

Classroom visits in the English, Sociology, Political Science and Religion departments.