Sturla Stålsett—April 14-18, 2007

Prof. Stålsett holds a Ph. D. in Theology from the University of Oslo, is the former Coordinator of Inate (International Network of Advanced Theological Education), and is currently the General Secretary for Urban Mission in the Church of Oslo. Stålsett has taught at the University of Oslo, at Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana in San José, Costa Rica, and at Escola Superior de Teologia in São Leopoldo, Brazil.

As somebody who until recently coordinated the work of Inate, a network of theological institutions from Norway, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, India, China, Costa Rica, and Brazil, Dr. Stålsett has a vast international experience. Most recently he published the result of a research addressing the role of religion in a globalized age. This project, titled RIGA (Religion in a Globalized Age) was carried out with the financial support pf the Norwegian government. Based on his expertise as a Lutheran theologian, Dr. Stålsett will offer insights from a Christian, ecumenical perspective that foster a dialogical, collaborative yet critical approach. Recently Dr. Stålsett also took part in an important study resulting in a document, adopted by the Norwegian government, titled “Vulnerability and Security.”


Sunday, April 15
7:00 p.m.: Olin 102, Annual Ecumenical Lecture, "God is in the City: Reflections on Christian Diaconal Service in Globalized Cities"

Classroom visits.