Paul Heltne—October 31-November 4, 2004

Paul Heltne is a Luther graduate of 1962 in classics and chemistry. He currently is President Emeritus of the Chicago Academy of Sciences and is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Humans and Nature.

Dr. Heltne will begin his visit with a lecture "Humans and Nature Unreduced" Sunday evening, October 31 in Olin 102 on his relation between humans and nature and his personal vocational journey. He will visit classes in science education, environmental philosophy and introduction to environmental policies. He will attend the afternoon seminar on Tuesday November 2 beginning at 4:00 in Hovde Lounge organized by Jones Professorship recipient Diane Scholl, regarding science and the humanities.

Heltne holds the doctoral degree from the University of Chicago in primatology. He has done field research in South Africa, Namibia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica. He has taught anatomy on the faculty of John Hopkins University. Heltne was director and president of the Chicago Academy of Sciences 1982-2003 and is now co-director and research scholar with the Center for Humans and Nature, based in Chicago.

The Chicago Academy of Sciences promotes the understanding and appreciation of science through programs that focus on the natural environment. Believing that science literacy is necessary for citizens to fully participate in society, the Academy creates opportunities for families, school children and teachers to enter, explore and enjoy the world of science.

Heltne continues his work as a senior research scholar wit the Center for Humans and Nature, where he is the director of the Center's "Cities and the Good Life" project. The Center is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to the mutual well being of human communities and the natural world. The Center explores, articulates, and promotes long-term social and moral responsibilities for the earth's living communities.