Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw—December 5, 2003 and January 14-28, 2004

Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw, medical doctors in obstetrics and new born care in Des Moines, Iowa, will be visiting with the Luther community in three parts. First will be a visit on December 5, 2003 to speak at Daily Chapel and meet with pre-med students. Second will be a visit to Luther students studying in Northern Tanzania in East Africa during January Term 2004. Third will be a follow up visit on the campus in April.

Drs. Shaw are eager to share with students their vocational passions of serving of those in need of health care and particularly to help those who are poor. They will be traveling to the Arusha-Moshi Regions of northern Tanzania to mentor, study and reflect with Luther students. The Tanzanian Lutheran Church has a variety of highly regarded health care programs that include rural clinics/dispensaries; HIV/AIDS, hospice, obstetrics, and newborn care; a children's hospital in Arusha; and a medical school, nursing school and major regional hospital in Moshi. Students will visit several sites with Lutheran medical personnel giving time to the students. The Shaws, Luther students and Professor of Biology Scott Carlson will work with Dr. Mark Jacobson and his staff at Selian Clinic in Arusha as a part of their visit. Dr. Jabcobson and his team have a very holistic approach in practice including morning devotions and prayer with patients.

The entire group will be based in the Danish Centre, 10 minutes from Arusha. The group will often be divided into three groups for daily experiential learning site visits. This will allow for ample time to interact with students and to share the same experiences and emotions.


Friday, December 5, 2003 Speak at Daily Chapel, CFL and meet with pre med students

January 14-28, 2004 Mentor students in Arusha-Moshi Regions

April 2, 2004 A return visit to speak further with students and speak at Daily Chapel.