John J. Fialka—April 25-30, 2004

John Fialka is a member of the Wall Street Journal's Washington Bureau and the author of three books: War By Other Means, the first documented study of economic espionage in America, Hotel Warriors, a first-hand account of the battles between the press and the military during the Gulf War. A third book, Sisters; Catholic Nuns and the Making of America, was published in January 2003 by St. Martin's Press. 

Mr. Fialka has degrees from Georgetown University Law Center and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. During his newspaper career he has won several major awards for investigative journalism including the Raymond Clapper, the Worth Bingham and the National Headliners awards.

In his wide-ranging career he has covered politics, military, diplomatic and national security matters for both the Washington Star and the Wall Street Journal. He was the lead reporter for the Journal in the Gulf War and currently covers energy and environmental matters for the Journal.

Mr. Fialka will give the Annual Ecumenical Lecture on Sunday, April 25. He will be visiting classrooms meeting with faculty during his week-long visit.