Justin Wayne Zeigler '07

Occupation: Youth Minister
Majors: Theatre/Dance, Religion 

Upon entering the Theatre/Dance program, and specifically the Movement Fundamentals curriculum, what were your initial reactions?

That I needed to be a part of something that fed me...and this did that.

What is your current career/life path?

I’m a youth minister...it’s a hoot. I use MF stuff with my teaching and my preaching all the time...it prepped me to understand an embodied and incarnate theology in ways that my peers don’t quite grasp.

How does the MF curriculum inform this career/path? How do you use MF in your day-to-day life?

See above answer...as well as I am taking dance classes to keep in touch with myself as an artist and express myself. It’s been such a great way to stay connected to the dance world... more than anything it allows me to express myself in a setting where I’m not afraid of judgment...I express myself at work and with friends, but dance takes away the fear in some way.

How would you describe the core philosophy of the MF curriculum at Luther?

The MF curriculum at Luther College allows students to explore art, the world, body, self in a way that encourages a holistic understanding. It challenges the student to reach beyond preconceived notions, it allows freedom yet form to do so. With mentoring, care, and passion it is a curriculum that allows people to enter from wherever they are in life.

What part of the curriculum was most valuable to you?

A self understanding. Passion. And a darn good way to spend my money at Luther...I suggest it to everyone I know.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I’m thankful for what my dance education at Luther shared with me about myself, the world, and art. I often site it as a turning point in my life where I found community and self. Thank you.