Miriam Skrade '04

Independent Interdisciplinary Major in Physical Performance
with a Minor in Psychology

Galesburg, IL

Miriam is currently the Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach at Knox College. She continues to use the movement fundamentals model by teaching players how to use rhythm and proper technique to hit with ease. She also encourages using their racquet for power and that being fluid helps them be consistent.  

Upon entering the Theatre/Dance program, and specifically the Movement Fundamentals curriculum, what were your initial reactions?

This is something I would really enjoy doing more of. I can tell it is unique approach to body awareness that can serve dance performers as well as people like me who just want to live more fully and more of aware of their body.

Upon leaving?

There are many directions the department can go as student’s needs and desires are diverse. I hope the curriculum remains authentic and for everyone.

What is your current career/life path?

Tennis coach, Midwife, Kinesiology graduate student.

How does the MF curriculum inform this career/path? How do you use MF in your day-to-day life?

I am with my body every moment of every day...that is how much I use the information from MF. Some things more consciously than others.

How would you describe the core philosophy of the MF curriculum at Luther?

Learning how to use your body as a tool for expression. Knowing yourself so well on the inside that you can.....realize anything is possible. The holistic nature of the curriculum helps the learner to understand both physically what is underneath their skin while also understanding the spiritual and expressive part of themselves.

What part of the curriculum was most valuable to you?

Awareness of self; complimented by care others. I valued how much I could learn through observation. Trust. How to express and nurture my gifts.