Maggie Schneider '06

Maggie Schneider is a visual and performing artist based in Baltimore. She completed her graduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art '14 and her undergraduate studies at Luther College '06. She also works as art handler, videographer, editor, educator, and nanny.

In 2015, Schneider assisted dance faculty at Luther College with a January Term dance lab in preparation for a dance production, Forgiveness Lunch.

How would you define yourself as an artist and a dancer? 

We are born into this world with a body, a vessel defined through temporal and physical experiences. The body is the only medium with which we all have experience.

Public and private realms maintain shifting boundaries but have concrete expectations of the body. Social and cultural constraints transfer those expectations to the body. Media upholds those constraints through its ubiquity. The body is a domain for speculation through the lens of media. It is through that lens and at the intersection of the public and private realms that my work begins.

I generate visual studies that reflect my temporal engagement with space and place through the integration of dance, painting, and video. The interrelated histories of these mediums consistently rebound to and from the body; the central site of my investigations.

Dance is made with the body.

Painting refers to the body through material.

Video implies the body through perspective.


Schneider can be contacted by email. Recent works can be viewed on her website.