Irene Green '05

Theatre/Dance and Music
White River Junction, Vermont

Irene Green received a M.A. with Distinction in Acting Musical Theatre from Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, U.K. Currently, she is Director of Sales & Marketing for Northern Stage Theater Company in White River Junction, V.T. 

What is your advice for Luther students?

A huge part of being an aware artist is being an aware human being, and one of the best ways of being an aware human being is by getting a liberal arts college degree. Don't worry too much about the little things! Worry about learning and following your passions and working really hard and being there for your friends, because the foundations you build now with people will last a lifetime.

How did the program meet your expectations or encourage you to think about the professional world?

One of the great things about the Luther Theater program is that it is flexible and I was able to tailor it to the things I was most interested in. It was small enough that the theater faculty was able to really get to know me and care about and help guide me in the direction they saw I wanted to go. The relationship Luther had with the Commonweal Theatre Company during my time in college was an important part of my bridge to the professional world.

What did you do immediately following graduation?

I worked for Missoula Children's Theatre on a one year, two person tour. We acted, auditioned, taught, teched, and stage managed a one hour musical in a different school each week, working with kids k-12. It was crazy, but I learned so much and got to see many parts of the USA.

What is your current career path?

I am a theater practitioner, both an artist and an administrator. This title doesn't really exist in the American theater, but I've been lucky enough to be able to carve out the job of my dreams at a couple of different theater companies. At different times in my life since graduation I've definitely been more of an administrator, at other times more of an artist, but at the end of the day my work on both sides of the coin informs the work I do both on and off stage.

What is your average work day like?

I read a lot of emails. The hardest thing about my job is figuring out what is the most important thing to do each day--the non-profit world can be so hectic and crazy and busy, but also very rewarding. There are fun things like watching designer runs of the shows we're producing and making shot lists for the photographers, talking to patrons, hosting events. There are more detailed things like preparing sales reports and tracking income and expenses in the sales and marketing department. There are so many different things I do, it's wonderful that my work day is so varied and the time flies by!

What is your advice to aspiring Luther artists?

If you want your artistry to be your career, it's important to focus both on the art, and also on networking and connections and making a living. Your time at Luther should be spent a lot more on discovering yourself as an artist, but don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that will help you step into the professional art world.