Grace Trimble '08

Art and Sociology
Missoula, Montana

Grace has had no shortage of experiences in her career. After Luther, faculty member Lisa Lantz pointed her toward the University of Central Florida where she graduated in 2011 with a MFA in Costume Design. From there, she took the advice of the UCF faculty and spend three summers working at the Santa Fe Opera. During her time there she was immersed in the world of hand-sewn costumes made for world-class operas (where a single costume can cost more than $10,000 to make). Her connections with the Santa Fe Opera led her to New York where she has been making her living in theatre.

Her degree as a costume designer hasn’t limited her to strictly designing either. In fact, she’s done a variety of work in the theatre and beyond. Predictably, some jobs are working with the director to design the costumes, but for some shows she actually builds the costumes based on someone else’s design. The building work mostly takes place before the dress rehearsal period, but she has also worked in wardrobe on some productions. Wardrobe differs from the other positions in that wardrobe team is responsible for maintaining costumes and helping with quick changes backstage.

Luther provided a solid foundation for her budding career. Working as a stitcher in the Costume Shop with Lisa Lantz for work study taught her how productions take shape and how budgeting resources are allocated (an important part of any professional job!). Her advice to students now? Talk to people! “Jobs in the arts are very heavily based on word of mouth, so work your network. Every job I have had has been through a connection, not a job posting.”

What was your work study on campus?

Costume Shop!

Did you have a favorite campus treat?

Marty's Cookies.

What is one surprising thing you’ve done in your career that we might not know?

I have worked a little in film and TV working America's Got Talent, and a little in fashion having worked a Givenchy runway show, and a photo shoot for InStyle magazine.

More information about Grace Trimble and her work can be found on her website.