Doug Eckheart

Doug Eckheart's work and life are intricately woven together through a long-term residency of 40 years in northeast Iowa, a region of little known, yet uncommon natural beauty. His artwork expresses a love and deep appreciation for the subtle moods and mysteries found in nature as revealed through the ever-changing seasons. Although representational, Doug's work should not be considered a naturalistic copy or photographic realism. Color, shape, texture, and light are transformed and modified to portray nature as a life force. Doug compares this process of personification of the spirit in the land and its Creator to poetry and music. In describing his work as tone poems, he uses a visual metaphor to communicate and translate the expression of moods, experience and feeling.

Doug is a productive, active artist, as well as professor of art at Luther College. He has presented over 75 one-person exhibits and 40 group shows in New York City, Chicago, Des Moines, in addition to Malta and Norway.

He has served as an artist-in-residence, keynote speaker, juror for regional and national competitions, department head, gallery director, and curator. He has been featured in American Artist magazine and the Iowa Public Television's series Living in Iowa. He has served internationally as a visiting artist. Doug received his BA at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and his MFA degree from Bowling Green University in Ohio.