Student Studio Spaces

Studio Space Application Deadline: May 1

Art majors are the only students eligible to apply for a private studio space. Spaces will be prioritized to senior Art Majors enrolled in ART 490/491 Senior Project in Art. Remaining Studio spaces are granted through a portfolio review process after the Spring Submission Deadline: May 1. Rising 2nd and 3rd year Art Majors are strongly encouraged to apply. Note: You do not need to apply or re-apply if you are registered for ART 490/491 in the coming academic year.

Review Process: includes a digital submission of strong Studio coursework 3-5 pieces, a recommendation from an Art Department faculty member or instructor, and a brief proposal for the intended use of the space. If accepted, the signed application form is a contract for the lease of the space. Apply using the Studio Space Application Form.

Korsrud: 16 Spaces

Students applying for a Korsrud space will need to have completed by the end of sophomore year: one of the following - ART 200: Painting, ART 208: Life Drawing, ART 306 Design Concepts, or ART 308 Conceptual Drawing. Students must use non-toxic turpenoid and refined linseed oil with hazardous waste disposal.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials in this space.  

Clay Studio: 2 Spaces

Students applying for a clay studio space will need to have completed ART 210: Ceramics I and must be enrolled in ART 310 Ceramics II in either Fall or Spring during the academic year they are applying for a Studio Space.

Print Studio: 3 Spaces

Students Applying for a printmaking studio space will need to have completed by the end of sophomore year: ART 216: Printmaking. If not enrolled in a printmaking course, the student will need to pay a lab fee $20.00 per semester for access to ink and cleaning solvents.

Studio Rules

Violation of these rules may result in the loss of your studio space, or hinder your ability to have a studio space in the future at Luther. If there is damage to the studio that requires facilities to restore the space, students will be responsible to pay for the damage.

  1. Respect the communal studio environment, both the space and your peers.
  2. Do not “borrow” materials from the department or your peers.
  3. Take advantage of your studio space.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.
  4. Put all tools away and clean up after yourself.
  5. Common working areas are shared space.  Do not leave your tools or work in these spaces.
  6. At the end of the academic year or semester, reset the studio space to it’s original state.