Sensing (i)dentity

Choreographed by Jane Hawley
Inspired and devised by the Luther student community


May 5, 7:30pm
May 6, 7:30pm
May 7, 7:30pm
May 8, 2:30pm

Tickets go on sale through the box office two weeks before the opening performance. Performances will be held in Jewel Theatre.

About the Production 

Sensing (i)dentity unpacks reflections on being and becoming through dance, music, film, and conversation. This multi-media performance is the culminating research of Jane Hawley’s Nena Amundson Distinguished Professorship Award and attempts to weave together embodied experiences juxtaposed with applying Movement Fundamentals® in search for self-care, selfhood, and self-agency. This phenomenological research in context requires trust, vulnerability, and authenticity as the sense experience fuels the creation of movement vocabulary from the perceiving subject’s investigation.

Kimerer Lamothe writes in Why We Dance, “As sensory selves, we are rhythms of bodily becoming, ever engaged in an entangled development that exceeds our bodily selves and ends only when we die. […] With every movement we make, at every level, in a constant unending rhythm, we create and become ourselves.” Lamothe continues, “Through this revaluation of our movement making, dance will appear as the best description for a kind of bodily movement that is vital to our human future in a range of identifiable ways –biological, ethical, spiritual, and ecological.”

Sensing (i)dentity accesses the embodied experience as a performative movement methodology for creating wellbeing while celebrating the pioneering vision of Nena Amundson and initiatives of the Luther College Wellness program.

Sensing (i)dentity Poster