Who Do You Trust?

Two Luther students duet on a raised platform for "Who Do You Trust?"Dance curation and directography by Jane Hawley
Choreography by Luther Students and Movement Fundamentals Guest Dance Artists
Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
November 17-19, 2016

Press Release

Curated and conceived by Professor of Dance Jane Hawley ‘87 with choreography by Luther students and music by Jon Ailabouni ‘10, Who Do You Trust? uses “directography,” a new method for making dances developed by Hawley in 2002.

The “directography” for Who Do You Trust? comes from written directives scribed by Hawley while witnessing two brothers interact at the ages of two and four years. For Hawley, when two adult bodies use these directives, the results portray spontaneous and unprecedented choreography, trust, and abandonment. Each duet is unique and deeply evocative.

Who Do You Trust? premieres nine duets within a gallery exhibition format. Audience members meander throughout the exhibition, stopping to sit or stand and ponder as they witness and reflect upon patterns and themes within the choreography and music.

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