Trust Me

A dancer performs a piece about swimming with a whale for "Trust Me".Devised by Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre
CFA: Jewel Theatre
March 30-April 1, 2017

Press Release

Through the intersection of dance, music, and theatre, this series of pieces explores the issue of trust. The text comes from various sources, including a short story by John Updike, scientific essays, and political speeches and interviews. All music is original and performed live, and the movement has been created through group collaboration under the direction of Professor Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre. The austerity of the stage production gives the audience a chance to be a part of the raw, human experience – to glimpse into the souls of the performers/creators as they share, through sound and movement, how they see, hear, feel, question, and understand the essential force, without which, society would crumble—trust.

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