The Servant of Two Masters

Students perform in Luther's "Servant of Two Masters"Written by Carlo Goldoni
Adapted by Constance Congdon
Directed by Bob Larson
Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
November 12-20, 2010

Director's Notes

Carlo Goldoni was a prolific writer during the 18th Century. He was both influenced and committed to reforming the commedia style of free-wheeling improvisation. He wrote about 150 comedies, a smattering of tragedies, and numerous musical dramas. He encountered both praise and criticism for his move towards scripted, carefully configured comic writings while also blunting commedia's more fantastic and vulgar elements.

In The Servant of Two Masters, Goldoni utilized commedia dell'arte to tell the story of a woman trying to find her brother's murderer and her true love. Throughout her journey, her foolish servant gets himself into trouble, as her accidentally becomes employed by her lover.

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