Student Directed One-Act Play Festival 2019

Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
April 5-7

Selected One-Acts

  • The Last Cyclist by Karel Švenk, reinterpreted by Naomi Patz
    • Directed by Grace Huber '20
    Students perform in "The Last Cylcist" in the 2019 Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival.

    Written during his time in the Terezín concentration camp, Karel Švenk’s The Last Cyclist explores the dark side of human nature in a world where instead of killing the Jews, the Nazis are killing the bicyclists. While his work is both humorous and poignant, the outer shell of the play-within-a-play written by Naomi Patz gives the audience a true understanding of the context in which the play was written.

  • The Giver by Lois Lowry, adapted for stage by Eric Coble
    • Directed by Noah Tiegs '20
    Students perform in "The Giver" in the 2019 Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival.

    For as long as he can remember, Jonas' world has been controlled by the Elder's rules and traditions. He is happy and life is comfortable until he is given a great honor, and is named Receiver of Memory. In his new position Jonas quickly learns about what the world once was, and what his Community really is. Based on Lois Lowery's award-winning novel, The Giver tells the story of Jonas' search for freedom, hope, life, and color in Elsewhere, and provides an eerie look into what is lost in the name of the perfect society.

  • The Summer People by Shirley Jackson, adapted for stage by Brainerd Duffield
    • Directed by Sophie Nall '22
    Students perform in "The Summer People" in the 2019 Student-Directd One-Act Play Festival.

    Mr. and Mrs. Allison love their summer home in a cozy New England small town. Now with their children moved out of the house and no jobs to return to, they decide there is no reason to leave by labor day. The other vacationers leave and everything seems to be working out perfectly until the the town's year-round residents begin acting strange. None of the summer people have ever stayed past labor day...

  • The Man Who Couldn't Dance by Jason Katims
    • Directed by Cleo Garza '21
    Students perform in "The Man Who Couldn't Dance" in the 2019 Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival.

    After dinner one night Eric and Gail make their way up to the nursery to see Gail’s newborn child. Upon seeing the child Eric unexpectedly breaks down thinking about his prior relationship with Gail and thinking of everything he couldn’t provide for her.

  • Matchgirl by Hans Christian Andersen, adapted for stage by Matthew Espey '19 and Andrew Tiede '19, music by John Kuntz '19
    • Directed by Mikaela Hanrahan '21 and Garret Baumler '20
    Students perform in "Matchgirl" in the 2019 Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival.

    Based on the famous Hans Christian Andersen tale, Matchgirl, adapted as a musical for the stage, tells the story of a young girl growing up in early 19th century Russia. This piece follows the journey of young Tatyana, a girl raised in an abusive household by her widowered father. The feminist take on a classic fairytale shows how every young girl has a right to create their own story.

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