Student Directed One-Act Festival

Performed virtually April 10th and 11th

Selected One-Acts

  • Ring Tone by Bruce Kane
    • Directed by Phil Royer '22

      An unknown actress and an accomplished out-of-work writer stumble upon each other on a park bench in Los Angeles and, through a brief encounter, these two teach each other life lessons they never would've come by themselves.


  • Bedfellows by Bruce Kane
    • Directed by Josie Ramler '23
  • Three people discover that the grass is always greener on the other side in this humorous play about life, relationships, and searching for true fulfillment.


  • Your Mother's Butt by Alan Ball
    • Directed by Ellie Palashewski '22

    A therapist works with her seriously disturbed young client, but never is able to make a breakthrough. As her client talks on and on about shoes and belts and sweaters, he mentions a dream about his mother. The therapist finally has her answer... right?


  • An Examination of the Whole Playwright/Actor Relationship Presented As Some Kind of Cop Show Parody by Greg Kotis
    • Directed by Claire Twedt '21

    A hilarious parody of two actors and one playwright who are also filling the roles of good cop/bad cop and prisoner. This comedy will leave you doubled up in stitches as it brilliantly marries metatheatrical lunacy with police drama.



Performances being held in the 2021-22 season are subject to change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Performances may be postponed, cancelled, or held virtually to uphold COVID-19 safety procedures.