Students perform in the 2019 production of the original work "Lunatics."

Written by the students in the 2019 Devised Work course
Directed by Dr. Robert Vrtis
Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
October 4-5

A Preface to the Show by Elena Fackler '22

Where I grew up, you rarely saw a star at night. You
could look out on a million little earthbound stars, and
there was usually an orange... blue... mostly orange
glow resting atop it all. Sometimes a star shone through
here and there, although now I know they might have
been planets... or satellites.
Moon sure. Who can stop the moon coming through?
As long as it wasn’t behind a building or a cloud... or a
sign for gas.
Long ago - ages - this would have been a significant
liability, to know so little about the night sky above you. To
know so little about where you are.
I love astrology. I really believe in it. Well, not really the
daily predictions you find everywhere, although it is
encouraging to think of people still looking to the sky for
The personality part, I believe that. I know a lot of people
think it’s stupid and only dumb people believe in it. I mean
I know it sounds crazy. “Your personality is determined by
where the stars are when you were born.” But it’s not “1
in 12 personalities” like my Dad always said when I
brought it up.
Everything about your birth, all of it matters: time, date,
place on Earth. Your birth, if you chart it, you can make...
like a picture of the moment you were born.
I know, I know this sounds complicated and maybe
stupid, but I love it.
I was so lost and sad and I found this little book of
astrology. I looked at the person it said I was. Sun in
Gemini: Intelligent, quick-witted, endlessly curious, restless
and always seeking new ideas and experiences. Moon in
Cancer: Extremely empathetic, devoted, imaginative,
sensitive. Mercury in Cancer: Intuitive, thoughts guided by
emotion, adaptable, with an amazing memory.
Those are just the first couple of planets, there is so much
more. The more I read about this person that astrology
said I am, the more I loved her. I am this person, I knew I
was, I knew I could be more like her. Knowing who the
stars say I am has just made everything so much clearer.
Of course, there are negatives to this person too, but I’ll
take them, I still love her. I still love me.
I know, I know, I know. I know what the Barnum effect is
and.... I know.
But at least consider this: to humble yourself before
something, like the immensity and mystery of the night
sky... To say that there are things beyond your control,
even when it comes to who you are... that’s important.

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