"All Who Took the Journey" Cabaret 2021

"All Who Took the Journey" Cabaret 2021 

The cabaret was released virtually on Friday, May 7th at 7:30pm.

View the cabaret by clicking this link!

Directed by Lynne Rothrock in collaboration with Luther students. 

Directors Note

The Art Form of Cabaret
People sometimes think cabaret is associated with the Kander and Ebb musical called “Cabaret”, or that it implies fishnet stockings and scantily clad women, or that it is a musical revue of show tunes. The actual experience of “cabaret” as a genre is much simpler and also much broader than any of these definitions. What we really mean when we talk about cabaret is this: using music as a medium of storytelling, with the primary goal focusing on emotional connection with the audience. Within the simplicity of that - the possibilities are endless. We can use any genre of music, we can inhabit any number of “characters” within a short amount of time. We can amuse, entertain, inform, take you by surprise, make you weep, make you laugh - all while singing a large variety of music. Cabaret is an intimate art form, typically experienced up close and personal. Right now we cannot be up close and personal, especially while singing, so we share it via film. Cabaret works best with an audience willing to participate in a direct, emotional conversation with the singer.  Imagine yourself in the room with these wonderful singers who looked within themselves to find the material to sing and the means to express it.

Rachael Brolin
Patrick Carew
Gabe Goeddeke
Katelyn Leiran
Kitri Lindberg
Maddy Lomprey
Kiara Morton
Emily Rubbelke
Sam Sunderland
Abby Trewin
Katie Waller
Carter Wittrig

Collaborative Accompanists
Rachael Brolin
Elena Dant
Tracy Lansing
Olivia Steffl
Abby Trewin
Evergreen Wildingway

Assistant Director
Trevor Haren

Lynne Rothrock

Lighting Designer
Jeff Dintaman

Alex Schlesinger

Promotional Design
Katie Waller